Kleen Diesel is ‘Green Diesel’ fuel due to its superior environmentally friendly properties. It reduces up to 80% Black Smokes opacity, 60% Particulate Matters, 30% NOx and 5% CO2 emissions from Heavy Duty Diesel Engines (Buses & Lorries) exhausts. Kleen Diesel is cheaper compared to Diesel, therefore is the perfect solution to reduce the increasing air pollution, especially in the cities. Kleen Diesel functions like NORMAL Diesel. Kleen Diesel is scientifically recognised and industrially established as one of diesel engine exhaust gases abatement technology. Kleen Diesel fuel blends of W10 and W15 have been thoroughly tested and validated to European Standard CEN CWA 15145: 2004 specifications. MN Fuel Solutions Sdn Bhd is the one to successfully develop commercial grade stable Kleen Diesel fuel in Malaysia. Giant logistics companies in Malaysia such as Tiong Nam and Tasco have tested and verified the Kleen Diesel usage on their lorries. Any Enquiries, Please Call: +603 7885 8663 or checkout our FB page: @kleendiesel